Friday, August 04, 2006

Global Warming?

It's a hot topic these days...okay, okay...that was bad. I can't help but believe that it's happening and it scares the life out of me. Are we doing irreparable damage to our planet? I haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth (see for more info) yet but I am hoping to catch that this weekend before it leaves our theaters here in Austin. Meanwhile, I'm seeing news segment after segment about what we can do to decrease our emissions.

Meanwhile, cardinals in Rome want to excommunicate Madonna. She plans to crucify herself on stage in Rome not even a mile from the Vatican---just part of her show. She's been thumbing her nose at the Catholic church from the very beginning of her career so this is nothing new, really. I just think you can take it a litle too far. Even Jewish and Muslim leaders think her show is "in bad taste." Probably the understatement of the century. Here's the full story...

(AGI) - Rome, Aug. 3 - Rome's Catholics, Jews and Muslims are united against pop star Madonna: she is accused for her parody of the crucifixion inserted in the "Confessions Tour" that will be put on stage at the Olympic stadium in Rome on Sunday night. Veronica Louise Ciccone - alias Madonna - during the show will put on stage a personal interpretation of Christ's passion not far from the Vatican. The performance sees the singer appear with a fake thorn crown. This performance was already criticised in the US and now the Roman Catholic world says that it is blasphemous. "It lacks respect, it is provocative" father Manfredo Leone of Santa Maria Liberatrice church says about the show. Appearing crucified with a thorn crown like a modern Christ is absurd. And doing it in the cradle of Christianity is blasphemous, he said. The roman leaders of the Jew and Muslim communities have condemned Madonna'show. The queen of pop is famous for including controversial sexual and religious images in her concerts and shows. "I believe that it is a bad taste idea and she'd better come back home", Italian Muslim League head, Mario Scialoja has said referring to the crucifixion. The Jew community spokesman and deputy president, Riccardo Pacifici, has said that this show is not routine if we consider the place where the singer will make her show, a stadium that is only one kilometre far from the Vatican. It is not the first time that Madonna, who has an Italian-American and Catholic father, enrages the Catholic Church: in 1989 her controversial video 'like a prayer' was condemned by the Church. The video showed burning crosses, statues that had tears of blood and the singer was seducing a black Jesus. In 2004 the Vatican set the alarm that Madonna's last religious faith "Kabbalah", a mystic form of Judaism was a menace to the Catholic doctrine. The pop star did not make any comment. In an interview for the Italian edition of Vanity fair Madonna has praised her Italian origin speaking of her 'excellent Italian genes' and said that her form was due to them. Madonna, who is 47, exhibits wearing a body as showed by a recent video.


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