Thursday, August 03, 2006

Life in the not-so-fast lane

Hello to you wherever you are...whoever you are. My one complaint about this blog site is that I can't tell if anyone is! Well, I *know* one person is listening only because she tells me so...thanks you! I hope you are enjoying your book.

So I'm liking the new phone but, as always, the grass is always greener. I bought one of those ultra-slim models kinda like the Motorola Razor but it's called the Katana by Sanyo. Well it turns out that thing is not so easy to flip open cuz it's so darned thin. It's like separating two credits cards on a hinge! I do like the camera in the phone, though. I'm already taking picture ids for my phone numbers in my 2 so far! I even have my dog as my screen saver! Love it! Takes and displays awesome pictures, too. It's funny because sometimes I think camera phones can be a little scary. For example, what if you have a one-night-stand that you'd really like to forget about but it turns out that person took your pic in the middle of the night. Yikes! Yes, I think of things like that...I'm goofy.

Believe it or not but I worked until 9:45PM last night. Yes friends, it's true. Beth really does know how to work she just chooses not to as often as possible. With the rapidly approaching deadline and because I was on a good roll, I decided to go out for dinner and come back and work. I made good progress and I am feeling like I might actually make my deadline! I almost wish I could tell my boss to impose more deadlines because I think I work better that way. But if I tell him that then he and I will both know that these are artificial deadlines and it won't work. For example, I don't work well setting my own deadlines because I know I can move it whenever I want. So, I miss the deadline and reset it...over and over again. If you look up procrastination in the dictionary you will see my picture beside the definition. So you see my delimma.

Okay I just wandered back inside from my patio because the lone surviving mosquito of the Texas drought began harrassing me. So I'm watching TV. I've seen it all...Huggies has come up with some products called the Clean Team because toilet paper is so confusing to small children. Since when is toilet paper so damned confusing??? LOL! What a riot!!

Meanwhile, Good Morning America is rating the best water parks in the US...the best one is Schlitterbahn right here in New Braunfels (about an hours drive from me). It's a 65 acre park with a 7-story water slide and a "river" you can tube down...righteous! You can even bring your own food and drinks. This looks awesome. I'll bet me and any girls could have a great time there! Hmmm...might have to plan a day trip!

Alright...'nuff playing around this morning...Y'all have a great day!


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