Friday, August 25, 2006

MySpace is down...Again

I can't log into MySpace this morning...what a surprise!!! Ah well it's just the start of my crummy day. Today is going to be one of those truly crappy days. I need to ride, pack, work, altitude train, drop the dog at the kennel, drive 5 hours to Wichita Falls, TX, register to race the Hotter-n-Hell, find my host home (I'm staying with my teammate who lives there), sleep and get up and race at 6:50AM tomorrow morning. Oh, did I mention I'd like to be fresh for the race tomorrow? Somebody just shoot me and put me out of my misery! I have zero vacation days to my fact I'm about 52 hours in the hole so this combined with last weeks visit from my sweetie and her girls has me about 30 hours short for the pay period. Am I stressed? Nahhh...

Meanwhile, I'm weaning myself down from my 6+ cup a day coffee habit. My approach is to simply brew and drink only half caf and half decaf. I'm still drinking as many cups but at least now it's only partially caffeinated. This might not be the best time for this but then it never is.

What else is new? Pluto isn't a planet...and this is news? Heck, they were teaching us in college nearly 20 years ago that Pluto wasn't really a planet. I can't believe it took this long for the Astronomical Association to make a formal declaration. Hmmm...I loved that class!

Well, I'm two cups into my day. This is the time when I finally start to feel alive and gain a tiny bit of motivation. Time to get running!


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