Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random Musings

I'm up early today! I want to get it out of the way before I get a massage later today. I just saw a report that Tom Cruise was released from Paramount. While I think this was a poor business decision on their part, I have to agree with Redstone that Cruise has completely lost his mind. For crying out loud, he's even being parodied in movies like Taladega Nights. I think if you are a celebrity and want to be a wacko at least have the good sense to keep it to yourself. Then I see a report that liberals aren't having enough children. What?! Ouch! Maybe the liberals should come up with a winning candidate and a great platform??? It's not like the conservatives aren't throwing them softballs. Just a thought. Finally, is technology as addictive as cocaine? I've heard my friends refer to MySpace as crack and Blackberrries are commonly referred to as crackberries. As for me, I can certainly admit to a serious inability to control myself from glancing over my shoulder to see if anyone emailed me since I last looked. Do I see it as a problem? Sometimes...perhaps...How do I combat it? I turn off the phone, the email, close my door and challenge myself to do real work for an hour uninterrupted. Somehow this seems to help!

Well, it's time for me to get going (6:20AM)...sunrise is 7AM and I need to be on the road with the sun! I race this weekend at the famed Hotter-n-Hell Hundred. It will be my first road race since June and I'm interested to see what I have left in the legs for the season. I've started some altitude training and will be 2 weeks into the regimen by this weekend. My understanding is that there's a little setback in performance the first 2 weeks and a full turn-around in 3 weeks. That's good because I plan to fly to St. Louis the following weekend to participate in the Gateway Cup. Wish me luck!


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