Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Second peaks are humbling

I did the Tuesday Nighter last night. What an awful experience. I knew that since this was only my second hard effort since my midseason break that it wasn't gonna be pretty. I just didn't know how bad it was going to be. The race started exactly at 6PM and I rode myself straight up to the front and got on Jen's wheel. She was coaching me into position but then she jetted off to the front and I suppose I should have followed because shortly afterward I found myself seemingly going backwards. Yep...popped and dropped on the last hill before the first turn on the first lap. Ouch! Although I almost reattached at a point or two I just couldn't bridge that gap in that wind. Thinking I would still get a workout out of this, I continued to chase. I was going great until I had to make a right hand turn. I knew a car was behind me and I was moving at a good rate of speed. So I signalled my right turn and swung out to the middle of the street to get a good angle on this narrow corner. Well, apparently the guy behind me thought that meant it would be a good time to pass me on my right. Thankfully I either heard his engine rev or I had a guardian angel or something because I glanced over my right should and saw him blasting through just before leaning my bike into the turn. Whoa! That was just a little too close to becoming someone's hood ornament! I had the good sense to continue forward now pushed to the yellow line but had to come to a stop turn around to get back to the turn. Bummer...totally out of it now. The good news is that everyone was hurting and I soon found two teammates and my coach who had also been popped. Summer doldrums and the agony of trying to achieve a second peak, I guess. We all feel crummy and I feel the worst! Ha!

Meanwhile, work is closing in on me. I have to get the deadly project done by next Tuesday. Uggh! My boss is having knee replacement surgery (which probably explains why he's so crabby these days) so I need to get him this stuff before the surgery. This means I gotta run!



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